Navigating the Automotive HSM Landscape: EVITA HSM Family

In the previous article, we saw what an HSM is and why its needed in an Automotive ECU and its benefits. And we briefly touched upon EVITA and the three HSM types prescribed by HSM. In this article, lets find out in detail the definition of the three types HSM Full, HSM Medium and HSM […]

Automotive HSM: A Comprehensive Guide

Motivation As the automotive industry transitions towards a more connected and autonomous future, the need for enhanced security becomes increasingly crucial. Automotive Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) have emerged as a critical component in this endeavor, providing a secure enclave for storing and managing sensitive data, cryptographic keys, and credentials. This comprehensive guide delves into the […]

Automotive OTA Explained

Need for Automotive OTA With the development of Advanced Driver Assistance systems(ADAS) and the introduction of Autonomous Driving(AD or AV), vehicles are becoming more and more intelligent and complex. A large number of software programs running inside the vehicle, control these smart cars. Assume a software bug occurs in one of these programs. To fix […]

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